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in Crisis

South Africa’s educational challenges are well known. While public schools battle to get the basics, like textbooks, delivered on time, the socio-economic and technological divide between rich and poor, and between Africa and the rest of the world, is widening. These inequalities have been accentuated by the disruptions caused by the global pandemic.

What if we could:


critical educational support?


digital literacy?


skills shortages?


a new generation of achievers?


the gap and save our children?


Digital Solution

Our biggest challenge demands the best solution. Enter Odin Education. This ed-tech platform is designed to give learners unprecedented free access – via the Omang tablet – to world-class digital learning resources at the tap of a button.

Odin Education offers one of the only complete digital solutions in the country.

We don’t just do hardware or software or security or data connectivity or technical support or web platform integration. We do all of it.

Delivered via the

Omang e-learning tablet

Omang means ‘identity’ in the Sotho-Tswana languages. The android tablet, which is part of the Odin Education ecosystem, is designed to give every South African child a digital identity and connection to the online world.

The device is simply smart:

Dedicated educational device

No social media distractions

Personalised content

Preconfigured and preloaded according to registered subjects

Switch on and play

Almost no training required

Upload supporting content

Books, videos, notes, old exam papers and more

Limitless online resources

Access to the world’s best educational websites, e-learning apps etc.

Data-driven learning

System learns user interests to personalise more content

Fun features

Surveys, quizzes, teacher-led chat groups and gamified learning

Remote support

For technical and service queries


WiFi-enabled plus 2GB preloaded monthly data

Device security

Devices are traceable and hardware security locks out unauthorised users.


For Education

Odin Education is developed by 4IR tech leader Jendamark Automation – one of South Africa’s foremost exporters of digital manufacturing technologies to automotive giants across Europe and Asia.

To show our commitment to sustainable socio-economic development, Jendamark has applied its core tech capabilities to addressing the critical skills shortages affecting our country and unlocking the potential of the next generation.

This is world-class education beyond the classroom. Odin Education is an individualised learning platform. Whatever a learner is excited to learn about, whether it’s robotics or entrepreneurship or any subject of interest, Odin Education can connect them to a world of online resources.

“We’re excited by how learners are engaging with the device and have a greater sense of responsibility for their learning.”

Sehloho Moletsane, headmaster, Mohaladitwe Secondary School

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